Unlimited video messages, uploads and storage.

Proclaim Messenger is a message creation tool allowing users to create a video or audio message with or without slides. Proclaim Messenger is also a message sending tool. Users can upload contacts and mass market to them so there's no need for an additional email marketing solution. Proclaim Messenger utilizes patented lead tracking technology providing users with viewing statistics and notifications. The product is also customizable to the users own look and feel.

  • Record Live Video

    Use Proclaim Messenger to easily record a live video message within seconds.

  • Repurpose Existing Videos

    With the Message Producer capability, easily repurpose existing video you already have. Combine them with slides for a truly multi-media experience!

  • Record Audio Only

    Having a bad hair day and don’t want to be on camera? No problem. Just record your audio along with a graphic or PPT slides.

  • Unlimited Video Uploads

    Proclaim Messenger allows you to upload as many videos as you want and store them on the Netbriefings platform.

  • Unlimited Email Sends

    There is no limit to the number of emails you can send using the Netbriefings video email solution.

  • Desktop or Mobile App

    Want to create, send or view your video message on your PC or Mac desktop as well as your iOS mobile device? Netbriefings' Proclaim Messenger solution makes it easy!

  • PowerPoint Content

    You have the option of utilizing PowerPoint content or a single graphic in your video message to further push your message across.

  • Message Watched Notifications

    Turn on notifications to be automatically sent when someone views your message. Use this feature to easily follow up with people while they are actively engaged in your message!

  • Dashboard and Tracking

    Track the process of all people you send your message to through the dashboard. Easily see who viewed, who didn’t and which emails bounced. The dashboard allows you to easily resend to one or all!

  • List Segmentation with Groups

    Groups allows for mass distribution of your video message. Refine your lists into meaningful groups so you segment your campaign to resonate with the viewers.

  • Embed on Website

    Deliver a consistent viewing experience by embedding your video messages right on your site or anywhere on the web.

  • Customized Branding

    Create big impact with customizing the look and feel of your video message background, email template, video overlay and content overlay! Professional design assistance is availabe for a fee if needed.

  • Technical Help and Support

    Netbriefings offers technical help and support to let you get the most out of the tool.

How do I get started?

Is there a step-by-step guide to get started?

Yes. Here is a Video Tutorial for Recording a Message. If you learn better through a written document, we have the Step-by-Step Guide for Recording a Message for desktop users and iPad users. More video tutorials are in the Video FAQs section.

Get started now!

Highlighted Video FAQs

Recording a video message is easy with Proclaim Messenger. The video tutorial below provides step-by-step details for recording on the desktop. If you prefer a written format, here is a step-by-step guide for desktop users.

Proclaim Messenger stores and manages your messages so you can send them out any time you want. You can email out to just a few or use the tool to send a large email campaign. Watch the below tuturial to find out more.

Customizing your brand is easy with Proclaim Messenger. Below is a quick tutorial video to show you the steps in personalizing your Proclaim Messenger account is it is uniquely your own.

Proclaim Messenger allows you to create groups of your contacts for ease in distributing your messages. Watch the below video for a quick walk through of this powerful capability.

The dashboard is a powerful feature that allows you to see the drilled-down results for the video messages you send through Proclaim Messenger. Below is a short tutorial video walking you through this area of the product.

There are many great uses for Proclaim Messenger ... from emailing a quick video message to a colleague to sending out a mass marketing campaign to 100s or 1000s. You can also use the mobile app to create video messages while on the road.

Real estate agents, create a message on your iPad to showcase a property and send it out to your prospects. Field service reps, if you’re on a jobsite and something is in need of repair, take a quick recording. You can take pictures with the app and then use them in your video message or just use straight video. Then send back to your team for service that is faster than ever. Use Proclaim Messenger to engage with your prospects and customers!

What Customers Have to Say

Powerful Email Marketing

I found Proclaim Messenger to be the most powerful email marketing tool available today, and I've tried many. I've received results like up to 15% click through rate. That's opening the email and clicking on the URL to view my message. Overall I've sent over 10,000 messages and I'm averaging close to 12% click thru. That's 10-15 times greater than any other system that I've tried.

Just listen to how I did this ...


Dan Evans

UNIGLOBE Travel draws upon 30 years of travel agency franchising to develop a new business model for today’s travel industry. By combining the years of accumulated knowledge and industry leadership, with today's proven technology tools and efficient fulfillment processes, UNIGLOBE provides access to this exciting industry in a way that no else can match.

Innovative Marketing

We were looking for some type of innovate marketing that would take our business to the next level. It had to be different. It had to set us apart. It had to be cost effective and get results. I was introduced to Gary Anderson from Netbriefings. What a good thing that that was for our business!


Al Woods
President and CEO
Starting Point Financial

Starting Point Financial is part of a national organization representing more that 40 insurance and annuity carriers and doing business in all 50 states. Starting Point offers customer care through unique concepts, benefits and features. They specialize in Life Insurance, Annuities, 401k Rollovers, Retirement Planning and Health Insurance.