What Customers Have to Say

Powerful Email Marketing

I found Proclaim Messenger to be the most powerful email marketing tool available today, and I've tried many. I've received results like up to 15% click through rate. That's opening the email and clicking on the URL to view my message. Overall I've sent over 10,000 messages and I'm averaging close to 12% click thru. That's 10-15 times greater than any other system that I've tried.

Just listen to how I did this ...


Dan Evans

UNIGLOBE Travel draws upon 30 years of travel agency franchising to develop a new business model for today’s travel industry. By combining the years of accumulated knowledge and industry leadership, with today's proven technology tools and efficient fulfillment processes, UNIGLOBE provides access to this exciting industry in a way that no else can match.

Innovative Marketing

We were looking for some type of innovate marketing that would take our business to the next level. It had to be different. It had to set us apart. It had to be cost effective and get results. I was introduced to Gary Anderson from Netbriefings. What a good thing that that was for our business!


Al Woods
President and CEO
Starting Point Financial

Starting Point Financial is part of a national organization representing more that 40 insurance and annuity carriers and doing business in all 50 states. Starting Point offers customer care through unique concepts, benefits and features. They specialize in Life Insurance, Annuities, 401k Rollovers, Retirement Planning and Health Insurance.

Awesome Product

Just wanted to thank Netbriefings for an awesome product! I was using Gotomeeting for a long time, and then discovered Netbriefings through an internet Google search. As you know, I was always using video email to separate myself from my competitors and really became attached to the Netbriefings software platform...what it offers with the branding capabilities. I enjoy the product for a couple of reasons...

Chris Jackson
Advanced Credit Technologies

Advanced Credit Technologies, Inc. has launched a new software platform that enables the average American to raise their personal credit scores from the privacy of their home or office. Utilizing state of the art technology, we have developed TURNSCOR, a user friendly software, combined with a few basic steps, to educate the general public on how to easily remove negative, outdated, inaccurate, or incorrect items from their credit profiles.

Improves Personal Communications

Due to an injury, I was tethered to the phone and email marketing. I was looking for a tool that would support a face-to-face scenario. Then I found Proclaim!

Proclaim improves my personal communications with people. It's a better way of communicating because you can produce these videos quite quickly and the perceived value is a much higher than a regular text email. Plus, it puts a face to the name.

Dean DeNardis
Owner and Founder

PAVCOMM provides professional audio visual communications. They believe in providing customers with effective “value added” products that make work easier and business more efficient and profitable.

Effective Marketing

I've been looking for the right business tool for personal digital video. Frankly, I think the Proclaim tool is the first business-ready tool I have seen using digital video for effective marketing.

John Slater
Partner and Capital Financing Team Leader

FOCUS provides a range of investment banking services tailored to the needs of emerging growth and middle market businesses. The company is a national firm serving clients from offices in major cities across the United States and specializes in serving businesses with revenues or transaction sizes between $5 million and $300 million.

Simple to Use

Proclaim Messenger is simple to use and a cost effective means to reach clients, customers, and constituents. Try it today!

Tom Reynolds

TKREYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES works on difficult if not impossible commercial real estate problems. They can manage, lease, develop, examine sites, conduct reviews of owners & encumbrances, examine zoning ordnances, interview community stakeholders, conduct preliminary market analysis, review environmental reports & surveys, and provide an investment analysis and recommendation to support real estate transactions.

More Effective Communication

I have a business where I do consulting for many companies. I've found I can do a lot more and be more effective by communicating with these companies using the Proclaim online meeting and messaging tools.

The video communiation with the eye-to-eye contact and the ability to talk and have a presence really makes a difference.

Rich Daly
President and CEO

CONSATECH, Inc. is a management consulting and investment firm founded in 1986 that specializes in serving emerging companies in the computer software and services industry.